Aromatherapy Waxing

The Ultimate Waxing Experience! Aromatherapy Waxing for Women (Whole Areas) and for Men (selected areas only).
Please see Price List for details.

Aromatherapy Waxing uses unique, fine resins, blended with selected essential oils, offering you a quality and performance second to none. I use Cetuem Liquid Hair Remover because I value your custom and want you to experience and continue with the finest waxing treatment available.

  • aromatic oils that leave the skin relaxed
  • silky smooth hair-free skin
  • hairs removed effectively from the root
  • a slow and finer re-growth
  • excellent results quickly

After a waxing treatment it is important to follow these guidelines to avoid any adverse reactions to the skin.


  • exfoliate weekly
  • have regular waxing treatments
  • moisturize daily with after care oil

Over the next 24 hours:

  • use perfumed body lotions or deodorants
  • sunbathe or use a sun-bed
  • take a very hot bath or shower


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